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Mi madre es muy importante para mi. Ella siempre creyó en mí y ella me ama mucho. No soy yo sin mi madre.


Mi hermana pequeña es odiosa pero amable también. Intento de ser un buen hermano mayor para ella.


Mis amigos me dan mucha felicidad. Ellos me hacen feliz cuando estoy triste. Nosotros pasarlo bien mucho.

Costa Rica

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If I were lucky enough to go to Costa Rica, I would definitely do the activities pinned on my board. When vacationing, I prefer to go off the cuff rather than planning everything step by step. The two things that intrigue me most about Puerto Rico initially upon research would be the jungle pools and the world’s only sloth sanctuary. Of course, I would have to visit the beautiful beaches as well. What’s a vacation without time by the beach?

Current Events Assignment 11/20/15

The drought in California is only proving worse.
“Drought drops an important California lake near the ‘dead zone'”
On Sunday, the Northern California lake—which supplies drinking water to half a million people—hit a record low of 140,410 acre feet, according to CBS Sacramento. The previous low of 140,600 was set in 1977. The lake can hold 975,000 acre feet when full, but it’s now approaching the 100,000 acre feet “dead zone,” at which point it would be too low to reach intake pipes, affecting water for three cities. The water level dropped 3 feet in September alone, and this winter’s El Niño is unlikely to solve the problem. Officials are proposing a new reservoir nearby to help store water. And according to Gizmodo, the state is installing emergency pumps to avoid the “dead zone.”
I’m sure we have all heard about the drought in California. I haven’t heard about it recently so I assumed it was improving. Evidently not. If I was anyone over there, I would take my happy little self out of that high income tax state. Not just because of the drought problem, but because the people there are dumb. Texas ‘4 lyfe’.
Is this a world problem? Well not now, but perhaps in the future. California itself makes more income that a lot of countries. So like Ron Burgundy, they are kind of a big deal. Apple’s headquarters also lies in California. I’m sure most of us hope that they don’t get too thirsty to forget about making the next iPhone. The water regulations may be minor now, but increased happenings like this may lead to more severe water restrictions. Dear ghost of Steve Jobs, do fam’ over there a favor and give them some precipitation for crying out loud.

Current Event Assignment 11/13/15

Some KFC’s can deliver to houses
“KFC now delivers fried chicken to your doorstep”
With 60 participant testing stores, KFC will begin delivering buckets of fried chicken to houses. Orders can be replaced using the KFC app. Delivery service is expected to be offered in Houston by the end of 2015, which will bring the count to 100 stores, and may expand to more cities if the experiment proves successful. This move makes since though since some Taco Bell and Chipotle restaurants already offer similar services.
While KFC is not my fast food of choice, If I had the option to get it delivered to me on a lazy day then that would be pretty great. Instead of “Netflix and chill”, I could have “Netflix and chicken.” Today for instance, feels like a bucket of chicken delivered to my house kind of day. The thought of going home, then heading off to the volleyball game, then returning home at 9 in the evening and having some sub-par chicken delivered to my door step doesn’t seem too bad.
For me to say this doesn’t have any impact on the world would be unintelligent by my part. This could be a game changer. It could also have other chains follow in their footsteps. While I would be only kind of excited if the KFC near me began to deliver, but if Chik-fil-a decides to do the same then I would certainly never leave my house again for any food what-so-ever. Netflix and chill? No. Netflix and chicken.

Current Events Assignment 10-30-15

Bacon and other processed meat may cause cancer.
“Bacon Causes Cancer? Sort of. Not Really. Ish.”
-The World Health Organization (WHO), recently classified processed meat as a group 1 carcinogen. The same group as tobacco. Which is actually quite silly considering it does’t consider how much either substance actually increases your risk of cancer. Smoking increases your relative risk of lung cancer by 2,500 percent. While eating two slices of bacon a day increases your relative risk for colorectal cancer by 18 percent. So bacon and other processed meats can cause cancer, but it’s not likely.
-As I read the beginning of the article, I thought of a couple of curse words as I thought my life would soon end because of cancer. However, it turns out it’s not that likely to do so. So you can bet that I’m not going to hold off of on bacon anytime soon. Even if I do get unlucky enough to obtain cancer from it, I can always eat more bacon in heaven.
-I certainly don’t think the world needs to trip big time over this. This really only effects the people who are really death conscience. You know those people who drive with two hands, drink tea in the mornings, and don’t know how to live. For the rest of us, we can continue to fill our mouths with delicious bacon just as carelessly as before knowing such information because it’s worth it. And for goodness sake, what doesn’t give us cancer? It’s like every month it’s a new thing that will give cancer. I believe it’s time to accept that cancer will probably happen to most us. Oh well.

Current Events Assignment 10/22/15

Adele releases a new single on 10/23/15
“Adele’s first single from 25 is coming out tomorrow”
In case you are wondering, no you did not misread that. Adele is going to release a new single on October 23rd. This will be the first taste we get of her upcoming album “25” which will be coming out on November 20th. It will also be her first single since she released her 2012 skyfall theme “Skyfall.”
Me saying that this is important to me would be an understatement. Adele is more than just a musical artist, she is also a powerful angel who can evoke any emotion or feeling to anyone with her awe-inspiring voice. It has been four years, nine months, and three days since her sophomore album “21” was released. Almost five long years I had to endure without any new prodigious magic that is Adele’s voice.
Ha. Excuse me for a moment as I laugh out loud reading a question, “How does this event impact the world?” I think it’s quite obvious. Adele possesses arguably the greatest voice of all time. I often call it a mix between Fergy and Jesus. So she is kind of a big deal. The world doesn’t want new music by Adele. The world NEEDS it. Without it, the world would crumble because it would lack a sense of meaning. Let us just hope none of her songs don’t get overplayed like “Rolling in the Deep.”

Journalism Definitions

Define these 35 words in a word document and then copy and paste your definitions in a blog post titled Photography Definitions:

pixels – a minute area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed

image resolution – is the detail an image holds.

megabyte-a unit of information equal to 220 bytes or, loosely, one million bytes.

megapixel-a unit of graphic resolution equivalent to one million or (strictly) 1,048,576 (220) pixels.

gigabyte- a unit of computer information equal to 1,073,741,824 bytes

jpeg- a type of computer file used for storing images; also : an image that is stored as this type of file

bitmap-a representation in which each item corresponds to one or more bits of information, especially the information used to control the display of a computer screen.

exposure-the amount of light per unit area

tiff-a computer file format for storing raster graphics images, popular among graphic artists, the publishing industry, and both amateur and professional photographers in general. The format was originally created by the company Aldus for use in desktop publishing.

png- a raster graphics file format that supports lossless data compression.

White balance- the process of removing unrealistic color casts, so that objects which appear white in person are rendered white in your photo.

Histogram- A diagram consisting of rectangles whose area is proportional to the frequency of a variable and whose width is equal to the class interval.

Aperture- A device that controls the amount of light admitted through an opening. In photography and digital photography, aperture is the unit of measurement that defines the size of the opening in the lens that can be adjusted to control the amount of light reaching the film or digital sensor.

Shutter speed-exposure time is the length of time when the film or digital sensor inside the camera is exposed to light, also when a camera’s shutter is open when taking a photograph.

Depth of field-focus range or effective focus range, is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in an image

Aperture priority-on a camera mode dial, is a setting on some cameras that allows the user to choose a specific aperture value while the camera selects a shutter speed to match, thereby ensuring proper exposure.

Shutter priority-a setting on some cameras that allows the user to choose a specific shutter speed while the camera adjusts the aperture to ensure correct exposure.

Bitmap- A representation in which each item corresponds to one or more bits of information. The information is used to control the display on a computer screen.

Exposure-a tool to create beautiful photo narratives

Watermarking- originally faint imprints on paper that could only be seen at a specific angle. This process was designed to prevent counterfeiting and is still used today.

optical zoom-on a digital camera, optical zoom is a true zoom feature. It allows you to zoom in (or out) on the subject in the LCD or viewfinder. This will enable you to get a closer view of
the subject before taking your picture.

digital zoom- Digital zoom is a method of decreasing the apparent angle of view of a digital photographic or video image. Digital zoom is usually accomplished by scaling portion of the image
data (usually center) to have same aspect ratio as well as pixel dimensions compared to the original image.

bracketing- the general technique of taking several shots of the same subject using different camera settings

light meter-An instrument for measuring the intensity of light, used chiefly when showing the correct exposure in photography.

image stabilization- a family of techniques used to reduce blurring associated with the motion of a camera or other imaging device during exposure.

noise- a sound, especially one that is loud or unpleasant or that causes disturbance

lag time- the period of time between two closely related events, phenomena, etc., as between stimulus and response or between cause and effect: a time-lag between the declaration of war and full war production.

Origin of time-lag Expand

hot shoe- A hot shoe is a mounting point on the top of a camera to attach a flash unit and other compatible accessories.
fisheye being, having, or produced by a wide-angle photographic lens that has a highly curved protruding front, that covers an angle of about 180 degrees, and that gives a circular image

macro- short for macro lens

telephoto-a lens with a longer focal length than standard, giving a narrow field of view and a magnified image.

wide angle- In photography and cinematography, a wide-angle lens refers to a lens whose focal length is substantially smaller than the focal length of a normal lens for a given film plane.

DSLR- A digital single-lens reflex camera (also called a digital SLR or DSLR) is a digital camera combining the optics and the mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor, as opposed to photographic film.

dynamic range-the range of acceptable or possible volumes of sound occurring in the course of a piece of music or a performance. The ratio of the largest to the smallest intensity of sound that can be reliably transmitted or reproduced by a particular sound system, measured in decibels.

digital negative- open lossless raw image format written by Adobe used for digital photography

exposure compensation- is a technique for adjusting the exposure indicated by a photographic exposure meter, in consideration of factors that may cause the indicated exposure to result in a less-than-optimal image.

Current Events Assignment 10/9/15

Increase of animal population in Chernobyl
“There’s a new species taking over at Chernobyl”
Due to the radioactivity in Chernobyl, humans have ceased to affiliate with the area. Because of such, many researchers believe that is the reason of the major rise of the animal population in the radioactive exclusion zone. The number of wolves for example, where three times than that of the population of wolves at a nearby preserve. The researchers who conducted this research isn’t saying radioactivity is good for animals, but rather that the effects of human life such as hunting, forestry, and farming is much worse for them.
This article proves how detrimental us humans can be to animals and their habitat. Without us, they flourish. This really is quite eye opening. The old man in me believes that their are too many people on this Earth. The population of humans is over 7 billion. Now take this for perspective, there are less than 2,500 tigers in the world. Not in Nepal or a sub-part of another country, the world. Just to be clear, I’m not an animal hippy what so ever. In fact, I can recall playing catch with a kitten with friends of mine when I was younger. But the reality that my grandkids may never live on the earth with such a beautiful and majestic creature is pretty sad.
This research conducted could prove to impact the world. It could really shed some light on people the wrongs we are doing to animals. Hopefully not lead people to believe that we should nuke towns nearby endangered animals, though I wouldn’t rule that out. Instead, hopefully more work into organizations that could help resolve some of the decreasing animal populations around the world. That would be pretty dope.

Current Events Assignment 10/2/15

Portobello mushrooms may one day help power your cell phone.
“Your phone might someday be powered by portobello mushrooms”
While it isn’t happening right now, a new scientific paper shows that it is possible to make batteries out of organic biological materials. The batteries are a new kind of lithium-ion battery that uses portobello mushrooms. Surprisingly, the mushrooms turned out to be so efficient that they could eventually replace the industry standard of synthetic graphite.
I am totally into this idea. I personally don’t enjoy eating porobello mushrooms, so why not just slap them into a phone? Even though it’s much more complicated than that, I think this could be a great invention. While we are at it, lets continue to use foods to replace other technologies. How about we use avocado’s as a source of ram for devices? I mean it is considered a super food.
On a more serious note, this could totally be beneficial. This innovation would affect multiple industries. Biological materials cost less which would enable us to bring costs down and expend less energy in manufacturing. Not only that, but with graphite batteries, the batteries decrease overtime. However, this new technology is actually estimated to improve over time. So its essentially a win-win. Not only is this being kind to the earth but it is also a better way of supplying energy.

Current Events Assignment 9/25/15

There is no evidence of alien life in nearby galaxies.
“Study: No evidence of advanced alien life in nearby galaxies”
After studying hundreds of galaxies in numerous recent studies, there still remains no sign of alien life. However, their has been several signals they have received from their thermal devices but they believe its just their own waves they are putting off. It is believed that we as humans are here and alive, is because we are alone in the universe.
I personally believe we should continue to research for alien life. I think it would be really cool. Imagine having an alien fried. Pretty cool, huh? After the awkward stage of not being able to understand each others dialect, we could just sit around watch netflix and eat Reeses pieces. Sadly, this isn’t very likely to happen. So in actuality, this doesn’t affect me at all because aliens have proven to not exist.
These recent studies probably sadden all those like myself who wish aliens existed. If this article was about how aliens are out and about in the universe I would definitely say this effects the world because we should all fear death at that point. Unless they show up in our backyards to chill like I said earlier, then they probably just want to take our resources and kidneys. So because this article is not about that, the world should continue to not live in fear of aliens and continue living their normal lives. Unless anyone’s normal life consists of punching puppies in the face, in that case, change it up a bit.